SVN Error: Commit blocked by pre-commit hook is no big deal!

After updating the readme.txt file for our Christmas countdown plugin for WordPress, I had a strange error that I’ve never encountered before when trying to commit the file to the repository using TortoiseSVN.

I’ve been using it regularly with no issues, but for some reason today when I tried to commit the file as normal, I got this error message:

“ERROR Commit blocked by pre-commit hook (exit code 1) with output:”
“Please provide commit message that describes the changes you are making.”


The reason this happened is simple: TortoiseSVN has the functionality to block users from committing work without writing a log message. But the thing is, I’ve never, EVER, had to write a log message before and my commits always worked.

While I have no idea why this happened today, I can tell you that it’s no big deal. All you need to do is simply try again. This time type a message describing your changes. Click OK.


Voila! Success!


  1. Hi there. I have the same problem here. i tried adding a comment like some of you suggest but i still get the same error. Please help !

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