ChristmasPress free Christmas WordPress Theme

I’m really excited to announce our first free Christmas WordPress theme, ChristmasPress, is now available for download over at the WordPress Free Theme Directory.

ChristmasPress is a modern 2 column, sassy, pink and purple theme with cute cartoon characters and a vibrant background. ChristmasPress features include a widget ready sidebar, google webfonts, a built in Christmas countdown widget, custom shortcodes, styled comments, cute error 404 page, a custom gravatar… and much more! Features that you would expect to find in a premium theme, it’s all yours for free!

You may be wondering why we’re giving the ChristmasPress theme away for free? Simply because we love Christmas… it’s our Christmas gift to you! So what are you waiting for?

ChristmasPress Screenshots

Blog Demo – Screenshot



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  2. Hey, Monica, LOVE your Christmas theme template! LOVE IT!!!
    Because we work with children from all walks of life, do have anything similar with more universal with a summertime playground or children around the world kind of design? We’ll come back to the Christmas theme in December

    Would like to showcase your work!

    Thank you!


    • Hi J’miah 🙂

      Thanks! Glad you like it.

      I think it would be fun to design a kids theme, but I don’t currently have a summer or kids theme available. But, that is definitely something I will think about.

  3. Monica

    I am using your theme with the snowman and the tree. How do I or whats the code to change it to look like the sample in WordPress themes. I want more room to write. Right now the background takes up to much space, I want to widen main page and shorten background borders

    Thanks : John

  4. Hey where on the stylesheet is the area to change the font to a larger size for my pages header or each category

    • You would need to edit this to suit your needs, but I would suggest creating a child theme so that when the theme is updated, you don’t loose your custom code.

      .page-title {
          font-family:mystery quest;
          font-size: 26px;
          font-size: 2.6rem;
          font-style: normal;
          margin: 0 0 0.2em;
          color: #d00062;
  5. Hi Monica

    I’m just starting a site and am using Christmas Press. I love it (especially the countdown) and really don’t want to use another theme.

    But, there are grid-lines around my pictures, whether or not I use tables to position them properly.

    Is there a way I can eliminate them (I’m no techy so be gentle!) in order to make the overall look of my site more professional at all please?

    Please note that my site really is a work in progress with mostly text until I can resolve the grid-line thing.

    I’d be glad of some tips to resolve this.

    Thankyou – Jan, West Sussex, England

    • Hey Jan,

      That is odd, are you using tables? I think it may be a border when tables are used, definitely something I have overlooked. I will try to replicate the issue and I’ll get back to you shortly =D

  6. Well, found it. Are you comfortable editing the stylesheet? If so, please find these lines of code

    .entry-content table,
    .comment-content table {
        border: 0px solid #d9d9d9;
        border-left-width: 0;
        margin: 0 -0.083em 2.083em 0;
        text-align: left;
        width: 100%;
    .entry-content tr th,
    .entry-content thead th,
    .comment-content tr th,
    .comment-content thead th {
        border-left: 1px solid #d9d9d9;
        font-weight: bold;
        padding: 0.5em  1.25em;
    .entry-content tr td,
    .comment-content tr td {
        border: 0px solid #d9d9d9;
        border-width: 1px 0 0 1px;
        padding: 0.5em  1.25em;

    and replace with this:

    .entry-content table,
    .comment-content table {
        border: 0px solid #d9d9d9;
        border-left-width: 0;
        margin: 0 -0.083em 2.083em 0;
        text-align: left;
        width: 100%;
    .entry-content tr th,
    .entry-content thead th,
    .comment-content tr th,
    .comment-content thead th {
        border-left: 0px solid #d9d9d9;
        font-weight: bold;
        padding: 0.5em  1.25em;
    .entry-content tr td,
    .comment-content tr td {
        border: 0px solid #d9d9d9;
        border-width: 0px 0 0 0px;
        padding: 0.5em  1.25em;

    If not, I am happy to do it for you, just let me know.

    Thanks =D

  7. Thanks so much, it works!

    As an aside, if you do an updated version it would be enhanced by allowing it to suit Iphones and Ipads etc. (I’ve no idea what I’m talking about now…)

    Thanks again for taking the time.



  8. Hi there! We are a nonprofit for military families and we recently located your theme and uploaded it to our WP site and we love it, but are having a hard time with making changes, ie: fitting images on page correctly, changing font colors, etc …when we go to “preview changes”, it will show us some of the changes but when we go to “update” we can’t see that the changes have been made. can you help us please?


    • Hi Lealia, I’m sorry you are having issues editing the theme. I would need more specifics in order to help, and I am not sure that it failing to update is a theme related issue.

      The surefire way to change these things would be to edit the theme’s stylesheet to suit your needs. I am for hire if you would like the theme customized, you can email me directly @ jing at ChristmasWebmaster dot com.

  9. Hi Monica,
    Thank you for getting back to me. How much do you charge per/hr? Perhaps you could check out the website and get back to me.
    Best Wishes,

  10. i have a blog. and i would like to now how do u put this as the theme. cos i really like this theme…..
    and its not appearing in the theme selection area….
    ty, for ur help.
    btw idk wat csc and sheets are and stuff.

  11. Hi I have installed the theme but the fancy font doesn’t appear to be working? I’m comfortable editing stylesheet and php if necessary. Also tried installing a google fonts plugin and that didn’t work either.

    Thanks in advance and thanks for a great theme. We’re using it for a charity event.

    Best wishes


    • ignore that – deleted these lines

      font-family:Mystery Quest;
      in the stylesheet where the website name is specified and implemented the google font plugin instead 🙂

      • Hi Jess, glad you got it working… would you mind leaving a link to the plugin you’ve used… would be great to help others having the same issue.

        Glad you like it, thanks for using the theme and for stoppin’ by 🙂

  12. i typed christmas, and many other stuff and tried everything i could… i still cant find it…………
    is there any version of wordpress u need to update it into so u can install it?
    then i will update my blog………

    • Hey Lilly,
      I was trying to figure out why you can’t find it in the themes, and I do have an answer.

      It is available to those using a self-hosted version of WordPress, through your dashboard. Unfortunately, It is not available to users of

    • To insert HTML you can toggle from the visual editor over to the text editor.. here’s a screenshot, hope it helps.

      If you need more help, let me know 🙂 Merry Christmas!!

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  14. I love Christmas too! I set up a big Christmas light show every year and need to create a web aite, but I’m a newbie.
    I want to use this Christmas theme but need to a web site first. If its available I’d like a free web site. How do I get started?

  15. Hi Monica,
    I LOVE this theme, but not crazy about the purple. Would I be able to change it to another color?

    Thanks much!

    • You could use Photoshop (or what ever program you prefer) to change the purple nav bar to any color you’d like. However, the purple bar across the background is part of the flattened image.

      Or, I’d be happy to make an alternate color just for you, I’m for hire! Feel free to email me at jing at 🙂

  16. Hi There, just trying out your theme for a website, looks great, but the problem is the header will not center correctly in ie8..

    Do you have a fix..

    PS would be keen to get the Christmasnite theme when you have it..


  17. The company i work for is using your theme. What i would like to know is how can change the z-index order of your nav bar and also, when you have submenu it does offset to the left like other nav menus.

    I would like to have like this with your nav menu:
    Main Menu Item

    Also, I notice if the first submenu shown but any submenus under that one it is not, but second submenu works fine.

    Thank you.

  18. Where do I find the section for the ‘Primary Widget Area’. I want to create a page without the count down widget, a full width page.



  19. Hi TJ,

    This theme doesn’t have a full width page template at this time. It is coming in the next version 🙂

    You are free to create your own page templates and add them to the theme for your site as needed 🙂

  20. Hi Monica,

    I installed your theme not too long ago and really like the look of it. One thing I am noticing is that the main widget area continues to move down the page and shows up after the last post on the page.

    I checked out your live preview and it is doing the same thing. Is there a fix for this?


  21. Hi there. I just installed your christmas theme and I really love it! Thank you. I am having problems though with the widget on the sidebar. When I add anything to the sidebar, it’s showing on the bottom of the page on either 1 or 2 sidebar widgets. i know how to use wordpress so I think the theme is having problems… I really like your theme and would be happy to make a donation so the problem can be fixed! 🙂

  22. The theme also isn’t mobile optimized… which is a bummer. I’d buy your theme if the issues were fixed and it was mobile optimized as well.

  23. The menu doesn’t work well on mobile. It’s hiding the items that don’t fit on the screen instead of showing a mobile friendly version. Tested on iPhone 5 and 5s. Otherwise it looks awesome.

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  25. Hi Monica,

    This is an amazing theme and I’m going to be using it for a site for a local area non-profit that helps collect toys for local area children for Christmas.

    I am trying to figure out a full width page template but I’m having no luck in figuring out how to get it setup or configured, any chance you could help me out?


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  27. Discovered your adorable Christmas theme but it keeps signing me out of WP when I try to update the social plugin in the sidebar. So disappointed because it is exactly what I was looking for. Just something simple that I could use for the holiday season. It’s so, so cute. Please consider updating it. I imagine you aren’t making any money off of this and it takes a lot of time so I sure can’t fault you. Your site is cute as well. Nice work.

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