Seamless Christmas website backgrounds

Christmas Tiled Backgrounds

Here’s a whole bunch more seamless Christmas patterns and winter background tiles to use on your Christmas websites! We have a huge selection of over 195 Christmas website backgrounds to choose from. These Christmas seamless patterns are perfect to use as website backgrounds to dress up any website or blog for the holidays.

To download, simply right click and ‘save as’.


  1. I would like to use one of the Christmas backdrops on our website. CIC Inc – Head Start is a federal funded 501-C3 prechool program serving the City of Danville in the State of Virginia.

  2. Your holiday graphics are awesome. I just gave my four year old website a nice refresher with one of your festive holiday backgrounds.

    Thank you for making this available to the small business community.

    You’re generosity is greatly appreciated.

  3. Are there licensing restrictions on these? I couldn’t find anything on the site about this. Was looking to use as part of a ‘homepage takeover’ potentially on a news station’s site for the day for my company. Please let me know. Thanks!

  4. Love your backgrounds — they make me feel so happy and I’m thinking they’ll make the kids feel the same way! I’m at a loss as to how I can save them to use on my webpage. Everytime I save one and then, when Homestead asks for the image I want to use for the background, what I get from Homestead is a tiled arrangement of the image instead of one image being used as a background.

    Can you help me?

    Kate Brown

    • I’ve not used Homestead’s pagebuilder since the late 90’s (brings back memories, I started out with Homestead then moved over to GeoCities)… do you have access to the stylesheet? If so change the file name to your URL and paste this in your stylesheet.


      Hope that helps a little bit.. if not let me know…

  5. Yay for Christmas, almost every project we are building at the moment has a Christmas theme and this page is perfect for great non cheesy backgrounds.


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