Ways to generate original Christmas content for your website or blog

You can make your own content for your Christmas website that will set it apart from other sites, easier than you may think, here’s a few ideas.

Share your skills.

Are you super organized? Share your organizational skills with the rest of us! Tips to make a smoother Christmas holiday are always a good read!

Post photos of past family Christmas celebrations.

Look right over there through those old photo albums, there’s a bevy of old Christmas photos. Why not scan them in and share them with the world? I love looking at Christmas photos frrm the 70’s all the way back to the late 1800s… even old vintage Christmas cards are fun to look at.

Interview family members, write an article.

Sit grandma down with a cup of hot chocolate for a interview. Ask her about her most memorable Christmas, post the interview on your site. How about uncle Ed who has dressed up as Santa on Christmas eve every year since 1962? Interview him ask him what inspired him, ask him his most memorable Christmas. Write it like a newspaper article and post a picture with it… or have your kids write a small essay on what Christmas means to them. Have them draw a picture of Santa or the tree, scan it in, and add it to your site..

Family recipes, and their history.

Make a Recipe section for your site, ask family members, and friends to share their favorite Christmas recipes. While you’ve got grandma there, ask her to share a favorite Christmas recipe too. Maybe ask her if there is any special history behind it, such
as: it was handed down from generations before.

Post your own Christmas craft ideas, with pictures.

Do you or a family member make any special crafts that you would like to share? Post instructions with a picture. If it’s too complicated for the ‘craftily challenged’, perhaps include a series of ‘step by step’ pictures.

It’s a lot of fun and really rewarding having your own Christmas site. You can even sign up at blogger.com or wordpress.com for free to start your Christmas website, today, in just moments!

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