If you want to learn how to make money online, visit Dukeo first!

Learn how to make money online, visit Dukeo first!

As you can imagine, maintaining a network of nearly two dozen Christmas websites can be quite a chore. So, being a Christmas Webmaster is my full time job, and I absolutely love being my own boss and working from home.
While I’ve learned a lot about making money online by years of trial and error and my network of sites are all self supporting and generate a small revenue stream, it’s taken years of hard work and long hours to even begin to accomplish my goals.

The thing is, running a blog or website and doing business online is a continuous learning experience, because the internet and trends are ever changing and you need to keep up. It’s all about getting traffic to your site. Here’s a great article you should check out: the good, the bad and the ugly ways of getting traffic to your blog.

With the new year and a new set of goals in mind, I’ve come to realize – and it really hurts to say – that it’s taken me well over a decade to learn some of the most basic and simple concepts for building the traffic to my sites. Mainly, because I did it on my own, without slowing down and seeking advice – but that’s something I am changing. (new year, new goals)

For one thing, I’m putting a few of my personal projects on the back burner so that I can spend extra time learning. It’s good to take a break to step back and brush up on the latest design techniques, SEO and marketing strategies, social networking trends, etc., by learning from others.

So where to start? Well, my first stop is Dukeo, by Sté Kerwer. Let me tell you – some of the things it’s taken me years to learn, are things that you can learn in ONE day over at Dukeo! It is truly an impressive site, chock full of more goodness than you’ll find stuffed into Santa’s sack! (yes, a Santa reference in January!)

For instance, I’ve been giving away free seasonal downloads on my first Christmas site since 1999, and I know first hand that giving something away is definitely one of the best and easiest ways to drive traffic to your site – and lots of it, year after year. But some one brand new to the game might not know this.

If you had dropped by Dukeo and read this article 10 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website, you’d already be one step ahead! And this article is just one example of what you’ll find at Dukeo. Each post there gives clear cut, easy to understand tips – on everything from SEO, blogging, affiliate marketing, generating traffic, email marketing, to how to start a blog, working with WordPress and sooo much more!

I’m an avid reader of Dukeo and trust me, the site is spot on with it’s tips, advice and strategies.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that just because you build some awesome website that your automatically going to get tons of traffic, because most likely, you aren’t. It WILL take work to build an audience and sometimes the simple things are the easiest to overlook.

Things such as guest blogging, creating sharable content, giving something away and so on, are things that I’ve learned from my own experience, and things that Sté writes about regularly. Sté even writes articles about the pros and cons of working from home, about success and failure, gives tips on how to stay focused, reduce stress and other gems that I really enjoy reading daily.

If you work from home or want to supplement your income by starting a website or blog, or any other sort of web based business, you definitely need to check out Dukeo.com. While there are zillions of websites out there giving advice for making money online, Dukeo is a cut above all the rest.

If you’ve ever been lured in by one of those “leave your job” type blogs that tell you can make money online, but never seem to give any actual advice on the how, you know what I’m talking about. Most “quit your job” sites just give you the “buy this ebook to find my secrets” spiel, or ask you to subscribe to their mailing list to get these ‘secrets’, which they follow up by sending out 2 emails a day, everyday, teasing their subscribers with “you’ll learn this or that” by clicking here… again to only be led to content that has little meaning or worth, or is another sales pitch.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to mess with all that. Make life simple and go bookmark Dukeo, right now. Actually, you should not only bookmark it, but make it a shortcut on your desktop and visit it everyday!

I really enjoy the articles Sté posts in his Mindset category, like this one – 15 Tips For Those Who Want to Make Money Online – which is a motivational list of things for you to keep in the back of your mind, as Sté writes, “for those days when you need some inspiration.” Or this one – Does Working Online Isolate You from the World? – which really hit home for me.

Seriously, Dukeo has nothing but actual, worth while, practical tips for making money online, and great advice for working from home… And you don’t have to jump through hoops to get the good stuff, because EVERY article is the good stuff. Be sure to follow Sté Kerwer on twitter @dukeo.

The only thing I don’t like about Dukeo.com? The fact that it took this contest, to inspire today’s post. And I would love to be able to view the categories from the main page some day 😉

Dukeo is celebrating their two year anniversary this month, so congrats! Be sure to check it out, it’s a trove of knowledge… I should have shared this resource with you guys long ago! If you love the site as much as I do, be sure to enter the write a review contest for your chance to win $200!


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